Pharmacists’ Angle with the Repurposing Pills because the Contraceptives

Pharmacists’ Angle with the Repurposing Pills because the Contraceptives

This new audio files have been transcribed towards the outlined explanations of interviews while focusing classification talks. The theory from prepared conclusion (TpB) (18) considering construction to own interpreting investigation in the FGDs and you can interview. With regards to the theory, human choices is actually led because of the around three kinds of factors: viewpoints concerning the most likely ramifications of the new conclusion together with feedback of those outcomes, (behavioural beliefs); philosophy on the normative expectations of anyone else and you will inspiration to help you adhere to these requirement (normative viewpoints), and you can philosophy concerning the exposure from activities that may helps or delay show of decisions, and thought fuel ones situations (control thinking). IA, KK, and you will NK analyzed the fresh instructions, data from desire groups, and interviews after which setup a great codebook spanning deductive and you can inductive codes. Deductive requirements was in fact centered on trick facts addressed inside the interviews when you find yourself inductive codes was indeed centered on emergent themes. Every data studies is actually accomplished by the IA and you will KK having fun with Atlas.Ti (type 8). Data was basically independently coded then chatted about to deal with inconsistencies otherwise disagreements from inside the coding.


The study put data off FGD having 17 female and seven male undergraduate pupils. The feminine undergraduate people were normally twenty-two-yrs . old, solitary without youngsters, and you can mostly (letter = 12; 70%) within the a partnership. The typical age of undergraduate boys has also been twenty two-years; all of the people were single when you are half of her or him (letter = 4) was inside the a partnership. Prior to constructs of your own TpB (18), the outcome determine students’ expertise in birth-control, methods of contraceptives, way to obtain information on contraceptives, and you can kinds of contraceptives they put.

Methods of Contraceptives Used

FGD participants discussed different ways off contraceptives. A lot of them said methods of contraceptives which might be distinctive from the newest recognized pure or modern contraceptives.

Repurposing Pharmaceuticals

People mentioned repurposing pharmaceuticals (elizabeth.grams., laxatives and you may antibiotics) because contraceptives. The young said about three types of pharmaceuticals (i.elizabeth., laxatives, antimalarial, and you can antibiotic drug) that supported given that contraceptives.

My pal said she requires Andrews Liver Salts in advance of making love. She leaves they in to the water and you will beverages it. Because once you take in it and you’ve got sex together with man cums, this new spunk can’t function just like the Andrews Liver Sodium you ingested could make new sperm weak. (Females FGD)

I’ve a nurse buddy who’s partnered. She regularly tell me the time she got sex, she would grab light Quinine although it made this lady drowsy. She’d get you to tablet after she had gender. (Male FGD)

You go (so you’re able to a drugstore) and you may say Needs Ampiclox. Some individuals take it to possess bacterial infections, however it can also work as a birth control. Most people (pharmacists/drugstore technicians) can ascertain what craigslist hookup review you want to use it having (People FGD)

I have analyzed away from supplement C as well. In advance of their months capture a couple pills out of light vitamin C, it creates their canal acid. Very, as he (a man) occurs you, they (acid canal) will definitely eliminate the spunk. (Ladies FGD)

Concurrently, a residential area pharmacist demonstrated how specific women could use particular pills intentionally for their supplementary features because these medicines keeps an area aftereffect of resulting in miscarriage.

Young ladies are typically expecting currently as well as state obtained already been advised for taking certain treatment so you can cancel brand new pregnancy…And a few after they capture so it, it will lose any kind of enhancement or maternity away from exactly how many months – they won’t worry. At this variety of area it find themselves, they simply need gone the pregnancy. (Pharmacist # 2)

As an instance, an early on lady on college or university interest group said how Misoprostol, a prescription to have stomach ulcer, could be used getting abortion. This fellow member, however, could not identify whether or not the effectation of this medication would be to stop conception otherwise avoid an existing maternity.